When everyone and their grandmothers are rebranding in the age of AI, have you caught up?

Pic: FreePik

Yesterday ‘work from home’ was the biggest pain point for organisations, today it has become the way of life! ‘Fluidity’ is important, be it in business practices or strategy.

And as with everything else, brands that evolve with time remain contemporary. Until recently, consistency, repetition, logos, and taglines were the key elements that branding was associated with. Today, branding has stretched way beyond these four parameters.

There are numerous factors that have come into play such as technology, social media, print media, advertisements, customer experience – personal or online, economy, brand image, brand value, etc. Each of these has further sub-sets.

Take one aspect such as social media – it has influencers (each platform has it’s own), celebrities, brand advocates, non-happy customers, competitors, type of content, and so on. Audience prefers and expects a certain type of content on a specific platform. Brand marketers need to customise the content according to the platform and the audience on it.

Another aspect that has gained tremendous importance is ‘technology’. It has opened new doors for innovation and branding. More so, with the recent development of AI.

AI has seamlessly become a part of our lives in various forms. The most common example could be chatbots or virtual assistants such as Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa or Microsoft’s Cortana. Furthermore, even startups such as ‘HealthifyMe’ have gained traction with their AI assistant, Ria.

Since these AI assistants rapidly learn from their inputs and experiences and perform human-like tasks such as taking care of certain aspects of customer care; they serve as ‘personalities’, often reinforcing brand recall. Having human names also helps in easy recall and brand connect.

Brand loyalty and reputation have direct influence on sales and growth. Thus, big and small brands alike are exploring AI for options. Automated data collection and business intelligence can foster better answers to complex problems and ease decision making.

The core of branding is to manage brand perception and if technology can nudge us forward, why not?



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